Learn My Frame To Make By Scaling Freelance Services And Attracting "Premium" Marketing Clients!

No Bs or Fluff, This Framework Has Helped 1900+ People Already!

in this training, learn

  • Pillar #1 – How to start attracting premium clients as a newbie even if ya don’t know how to start or think you’re “not expert enough”—gain confidence after this class!
  • Pillar #2 – How to Niche down and choose the most lucrative skills to STACK wins and scale FAST even if you have no website, no brand or no audience.
  • Pillar #3 – The must-have assets in place to become a booked-out Business Owner enjoying 10K mnths (usd) without slogging 70+ hours a week. 

Lets Learn how to...

  • Select MAX LEVERAGE Skills: Learn crucial skills to implement for clients or as business owner and get quality leads + sales on auto-pilot. What is your online business Ikigai, really?
  • Discover the “MICRO-NICHE”: How to not be an "Octopus" in the sea. (More on this in the workshop) and nail down on a profitable Niche, stack wins, and scale ASAP. 
  • Land the FIRST/NEXT paid client: How to leverage my blueprint to scale faster with a badass portfolio. Learn my scripts to land discovery calls and convert clients like a boss!
  • Get PREMIUM Clients: And how to charge your worth despite imposter syndrome and lack of confidence. This framework helped Simran get 4K (usd)/week in clients.
  • Creating “CONSISTENCY”: To avoid income roller coasters and inculcate the right mindset to feel confident in your entrepreneurial journey! LEARN today...

Ready to transform your passion + skills into a 6-figure business? 

“I made over $100,000 in the last 2 years thanks to Roota. I’m eternally grateful to her.”

“I have worked with 50+ clients from all over the world and have made $38000 in revenue till date. Roota not only provides the skills but also a proper roadmap on how to monetize those skills.”

“I made $34,000 working with 6 premium clients in my agency. Wouldn’t have been here if I didn’t get chance to watch Roota’s masterclass in the first place.”

“I made $10,000 with a single client using Roota’s Launch Case Study Training. The best part I made this amount with just 2 weeks of hard work.”

Who is Roota Mittal

Over the last 5 years, Roota Mittal has truly transformed her life (through a lot of hard work and a kicka** mindset). She was once working as a software developer in a corporate job, living a life that didn’t fit her dreams. 
She started from scratch, became a six-figure freelancer and now is a seven-figure CEO of her own company. Her company has served over 2000 customers across 14 countries. 
Roota has also been featured in Forbes.com!
Her company has also collected 350+ case studies to showcase how her clients have made multiple millions in revenue. It doesn’t happen overnight, but she is proof it does happen with relentless grit. 
She knew she was always meant to be educating, and helping people solve those very same problems she once struggled with. If you are looking for permission to start a new life; she’s here to give it to you. Get started today by watching this workshop!

Featured In Forbes – “I Know Everyone has a dream in their heart – just like I did when I felt stuck in that cubical , writing code. building a successful business helped me achieves that dream and I want to help other do the same.”


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